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西汉姆联赞助商必威ild Dalian city center 74 km2
2015-8-30 10:11:22 Source:Dalian Evening News Browse 923 Secondary
Plus policy within the meaning of the inherent advantages Sports Park carry the tripod Dalian city center What is the city center? Theoretically explained: city center with the city’s central business district (CBD) in space relative to the echo, supplemented photogenic features, and also the relative independence of the secondary business business center city is the urban population and factors of production the new node in the process of forming the outward diffusion, as well as the urban spatial structure results from single-core to multicore evolution. What kind of place is suitable for building city center? As a business, one commercial and living center, city center of the city must choose the right location, and the construction of convenient transport system to ensure that the flow of people, logistics flow.
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西汉姆联赞助商必威ild Dalian city center 74 km2
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