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[西汉姆联赞助商必威]Dalian Davos leveraging foreign capital $ 8.1 billion
2015-8-29 11:10:40 Source:Dalian Evening News Browse 1033 Secondary
WASHINGTON (Dalian Daily reporter Liu Xing) leveraging the city’s "Summer Davos" investment, expand cooperation hi Fruitful. Yesterday, in the 2015 Summer Davos in Dalian project signing ceremony held Bangchuidao hotel showcases the member companies to invest in Dalian Davos enthusiasm and confidence. More than 20 member companies and the city signed a $ 8.14 billion cooperation "big one" for the city to upgrade Adds stamina. Provincial secretary of the provincial People’s Congress Chairman Leahy, governor Chen seeking hair, Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Tang Jun, Provincial Committee and Secretary-General Tan Zuojun Mayor Xiao Shengfeng attended the signing ceremony.
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[西汉姆联赞助商必威]Dalian Davos leveraging foreign capital $ 8.1 billion
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